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New York Divine Dolls Ragdoll Kittens!


Ares x Melania
Born 8/4/20, will go home around 11/4/20--these are going to be MASSIVE kitties!
Blue Colorpoint Sepia Male RESERVED for Daniella
Blue Colorpoint Mink Male RESERVED for Suzanne
Seal Mitted Mink Male RESERVED for Tamar
Seal Bicolor Mink Male RESERVED for Brianna
Seal Sepia Colorpoint Female ON HOLD for Kiersten
Blue Bicolor Mink Male RESERVED for Farrah

Ares x Shalimar

Ares x Shalimar
 Born 8/16/20, will go home around 11/16/20
Blue Point Bicolor Female RESERVED for Monica
Blue Point Bicolor Female RESERVED for Diana
Seal Point Bicolor Male RESERVED for Lina
Seal Point Bicolor Female AVAILABLE
Blue Point Mitted Female UNDER EVALUATION
Seal Bicolor Mink Male RESERVED for Marie
Seal Mitted Mink Male with huge Blaze RESERVED for Lina
Blue Mitted Mink Male RESERVED for Alma

Alberto:  HUGE Seal Mitted Mink Boy or 1st Pick*
Cameron: Seal Point Bicolor Boy*

AVAILABLE--Ready to be adopted

* ON HOLD--Awaiting deposit 

* RESERVED--Deposit Received

* ADOPTED--Paid in full

* UNDER EVALUATION--Cattery Hold for 
show and/or breeding purposes


Ragdolls are  Kid Approved!!!


Visitation will not be permitted until after their first FVRCP vaccination is administered.  You may contact me for further information or click on: Purchase Info.

    If you know the exact color, pattern, and/or sex of the kitten that you desire, then you may leave a $500 deposit to reserve the baby of your dreams.  

 ***ALL of our breeding cats are thoroughly tested for genetic disorders and found to be ALL CLEAR:  RagdollDNARegistry ***

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