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From: Elvia Leclair
Date: February 28, 2016 at 1:22:50 PM EST
To: Christine Lupo 
Subject: Solid, Mink, and Lynx Original Lines

Hey Lady,
Here are the pedigrees that I finished looking up.  Those that are not indicated in PawPeds as 100% pure, should be pure as they were from Raggedy Ann, Baker's breeding. Most are labeled as 100% USA Traditional. Apparently, they were never registered correctly with TICA, or CFA, from IRCA.
I am sure you can match up their pictures with their pedigrees from Rovena Parmley's photo albums and pedigree documents.  


Lucinda Black and White born from Cary Grant and Emile

Mink line of Ann Baker --Crazy

Little Orphan Annie Lynx-- 100% pure

Raggedy Ann Ebony Black Solid came out of Josephine's White daughter and Daddy Warbucks

Naomi of Tuftytoes Black and White Solid daughter of Quincy and Lucinda

Emily Black and White Solid-- 100% pure

Tuftytoes Minny Black and White Mitted

Tuftytoes Mirabelle Blue and White Solid Mitted--100% pure

Tuftytoes Clementine Black and White Solid Mitted

Chanissa of Tuftytoes LYNX!!

Raggedy Ann Toy Sue is daughter to Raggedy Ann Kyoto (Solid) and Tiki-- 100% Pure

Tuftytoes Domino

Elvia Leclair took the time to post photos of these cats and their registration papers from Rovena Parmley. Click on the link below:

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